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What is TEPfactor Boyard?

TEPfactor Boyard is an unusual entertainment for everyone who wants to experience adventure, inspired by the famous competition Boyard Fortress. Whether you are looking for a program for the weekend or planning a corporate teambuilding, birthday party, farewell party or school trip, you have come to the right place. You don't have to worry about the weather - under the roof of TEPfactor Boyard, we have a nice whole year.

In the nooks and crannies of the pirate cave, 25 tasks await you, which you will complete in teams of several people (2-5 players). Whether you add parents, friends, classmates, or work colleagues to the team is up to you - TEPfactor Boyard is for everyone who is not afraid of teamwork. We will test your skill, strength, logic and patience - it won't be easy, but with the right team you can handle any challenge.

Corporate events

We have already cemented thousands of collectives and we will cement yours too. We offer an extraordinary experience to your employees, customers, business partners and colleagues. We will help you organize the entire event according to your wishes, save you time and stress and serve up an extraordinary experience. The original game will test team members' communication, willingness to cooperate and help each other. Apart from the games, we offer a number of other accompanying programs.


School trips

Castles, chateaux, museums - everyone has been there. Take the kids on a school trip they'll remember for a long time. We offer special price packages to school groups. You can book the program in two time blocks.

You can choose the Boyard Indoor or Boyard Outdoor option. Enjoy accommodation with children in heated indoor bungalows or outdoor log cabins.


Family trips / Celebrations

Are you thinking about where to go on a trip with older children so that the whole family can enjoy it? Or are you looking for a place to go with a group of friends? Then you are at the right address. You can only check with us if you can work together as a team and help each other. At TEPfactor, we have summer all year round, so you can plan your visit at any time of the year and in any weather. Everyone will love you for this trip tip!

We recommend the game for children from 10 years of age and up, if they go with their parents, even younger than 6 years of age can play.



Complete your program with accommodation in heated 4-bed indoor bungalows, outdoor cabins or 2-bed VIP rooms.

The total capacity is 100 beds. Breakfast is included in the accommodation price. In the e-shop at a discounted price.