our story

From humble beginnings to Dubai.

The story of TEPfactor begins at year 2012 when founder Tomas Chroust opens first Adventure Park ever - TEPfactor Slapy located near the Czech Republic capital Prague. Inspired by adventure stories of his childhood, dangerous caving expeditions and famous TV show Fort Boyard he created unique concept of team game which tests your abilites and teamwork and most importantly let you experience fun and adventure. TEPfactor quickly became popular place for family trips and corporate teambuildings and it is visited by thousands of visitors every year.

Five years after TEPfactor was born Tomas Chroust decided to take a big leap and make TEPfactor global. After months of preparation TEPfactor Dubai was opened in spring 2018. But it was only the first step - during summer of that year another Adventure Park was in construction in Poland. So in the fall 2018 third branch - TEPfactor Warzsawa was opened. And more is coming...