Family trips / Celebrations


Zábavní park TEPfactor - unikátní místo pro firemní teambuilding a rodinné i školní výlety.

Action trip

Are you thinking about where to go on a trip with older children so that the whole family can enjoy it? Or are you looking for a place to go with a group of friends? Then you are at the right address. You can only check with us if you can work together as a team and help each other. At TEPfactor, we have summer all year round, so you can plan your visit at any time of the year and in any weather. Everyone will love you for this trip tip! We recommend the game for children from 10 years of age and up, if they go with their parents, even younger than 6 years of age can play.


Do you want to organize a party that the birthday person will not forget? Enjoy an original birthday party or perhaps a bachelorette party in the company of your friends. We have a program for young and old, for men and women. We will be happy to take care of your entire celebration, including accommodation, catering and a great program. You'll just have fun! We have everything prepared for you under one roof and you will not be bored for sure.

And BEWARE!!! We have a free program for the birthday boy, the groom or the bride - this means that if you come to us to organize a stag or birthday party, that person has a free Boyard game, one of the water activities for free and even accommodation.

For scheduling or a possible offer, contact our event manager:

Klára Černá
+ 420 739 119 445