Unique sports and amusement park

unique team experience

Zábavní park TEPfactor - unikátní místo pro firemní teambuilding a rodinné i školní výlety.

Experience teambuilding like never before! In a unique team game, you will test your team spirit and experience fun and adrenaline, you will test your brain and sweat a little.

In the corners of the pirate cave, 25 interesting tasks await you, which you will perform in 2-5 member teams. Whether you bring friends, family or colleagues to the team is up to you - TEPfactor is for everyone who is not afraid of teamwork. We will test your skill, strength, logic and patience - it will not be easy, but with the right team you will overcome every challenge.

For each task you complete, you will receive one of 20 clues to help you open four bonus rooms. The reward awaits only real players who overcome all tasks. Only they will open the treasure chest!

Play as long as your strength allows - you pay for the minutes played. The length of the game is usually 3-4 hours.
You can complete the tasks in any order and you have unlimited attempts. If you persevere, you will overcome every task!

TEPfactor is an unconventional way of entertainment for anyone who wants to experience adventure. Whether you are planning a corporate teambuilding, or you are looking for a family program for a weekend or a place for a school trip, you are at the right place. And you don't have to deal with the weather – under the TEPfactor roof - we have a nice time all the time.

A secret tip for you! Enjoy the game in a larger group of people, form more teams and start a TEP race among themselves. The winner is the team that completes more tasks in a better time and gets more points.

Action trip

Are you thinking about where to go on a trip with your older children so that the whole family can enjoy it? Or are you looking for a place to go with a bunch of friends? Then you have just found the right place = TEPfactor. Only with us you will thoroughly check whether you can cooperate as a team and help each other. You can plan your visit for any season and in any weather - Boyard is an indoor game and therefore the weather is not an obstacle for us - we are open all year round. Everyone will love you for this trip tip!


Do you want to organize a party that the birthday boy / girl just won't forget? Accompanied by your friends, enjoy an original birthday party or a bachelor party. We have a program for young and old, for men and ladies. We will be happy to take care of your entire celebration, including accommodation, refreshments and a great program. You will just have fun!

We accept SODEXO, EDENRED and UP payment methods (formerly Check Déjeuner).
You can pay with these methods online in our e-shop.


  game entrance - 1 hour
game entrance - 4 hours
child (under age of 15)
349 1 396 Kč
adult 449 1 796 Kč

Listed prices are for 1 person. The total price is calculated based on minutes spent in game.
An additional fee o 5 Kč is applied when paying with card on location.
After playing for 4 hours (240 minutes) the 5th hour is free.

Prices of accommodation

Do you want to celebrate the success of the game properly and not worry about how to get home? Not a problem. We will accommodate you in stylish indoor four-bed beach bungalows, which are located in the adjacent heated hall. The birdsong will wake you up in the morning and we will serve you breakfast almost to bed.

BUNGALOW 1 night
1 person
VIP room 1 night
1 person


The listed prices are valid for 1 person. Breakfast is included in the price.

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