Zábavní centrum TEPfactor Slapy - často kladené dotazy.

Is TEPfactor only for sport people?

Absolutely not - just grab your team and prepare for fun and adventure. TEPfactor is ideal place for family trips, team building or school trip. There are 4 types of our quests - we will test your strength, skill, logic and patience. There is nothing you can't do with good teamwork.

Is TEPfactor for children too?

Children are welcome. Under 15 years old need adult guidance, others can play on their own.

How to dress?

Choose comfortlable sport clothes and shoes.

Count of team members

You can play in teams of 2-6 players. More players means more fun!

What is regular time of game? What is price?

Regular time of play is 3-4 hours. It is up to you how mach time do you spend in game - there is no limit. Price is counted by minutes of game so you pay exactly time you spend in game. Look at our current pricelist. We accept cash and credit.

Where can I find TEPfactor?

We have branches in Czech Republic, Poland and Dubai. For more infrmation about each branches please visit our page Locations.