Boyard - 1 hour
Boyard - 1 hour
  Standart DISCOUNT up to 31% e-shop until 10.3.2024
Child ( up to 15 yars) 379 Kč 259 Kč
Adult 479 Kč 359 Kč

If you are interested in discount buy vouchers in our  e-shop.

Listed prices are for 1 person. The total price is calculated based on minutes spent in game.
An additional fee o 5 Kč is applied when paying with card on location.
After playing for 4 hours (240 minutes) the 5th hour is for free.

We accept payment metods SODEXO/PLUXEE, ENDRED i UP ( sooner Cheque Déjeuner).


Price per child Indoor
3 hours block, Mo-Thu 599 Kč 499 Kč
3 hours block, Fr -Sun, arrival with manager agreement 799 Kč 799 Kč

For school and other groups we offer a discounted price for a 3-hour game block. Possibility of arrival at 8:30 (game time 9:00-12:00), or at 11:30 (game time 12:00-15:00) Monday-Thursday. As part of a school trip, it is also possible to visit the museum in Chotilsko.

The offer is valid for organized groups of primary and secondary school pupils, sports clubs and camps. Participants must be under 26 years of age. A group is more than 15 people. To book a date without any restrictions on arrival, please contact us. 

For more information, please contact us at:


  1 person/night
650 Kč
SRUB 650
VIP room 1050 Kč

The listed prices are valid for 1 person. Breakfast is included in the price.

Do you want to celebrate the success of the game properly and not worry about how to get home? Not a problem. We will accommodate you in stylish indoor four-bed beach bungalows, which are located in the adjacent heated hall. 

Accommodation has to be validate no later than 48 hours before arrival.