Speed boat


The absolute sensation on the water is here !!!
Experience what is a complete sensation and unique not only in the Czech Republic! Another unique product from the TEPfactor team.

We have prepared an action adventure for you right on the water surface of Lake Slapy. In winter in Slapy! Why not. It has many advantages - beautifully clear water and no people anywhere, just beautiful nature and tranquility.

A fast, action and carving ride awaits you in our special boat. You could literally say "roller coaster on the water". This activity is unique not only in our country in the Czech Republic. A 300 horsepower boat ride is a real adventure and an adrenaline rush.

As part of this activity and experience, we have also prepared barbecue and hot drinks for you. So at the end of the experience, you will have time to talk about everything by the fire.

Beautiful nature awaits you all around, where you will be able to go for a walk and take beautiful photos. We will recommend, if necessary, where to go and what you can see in the area.

Bring gloves, neckerchief / scarf and hat. We will lend you special marine waterproof suits, which are worn directly over your clothes, so there is no need to change your clothes anywhere, you simply "add them to your clothes". We will also lend you a life jacket and goggles.

We will ride every Saturday from January to April. Reservations must be made in advance according to the availability of our calendar.

Place of activity: Nová Živohošť - TEPfactor MARINA

Capacity for one ride is 10 people.

Price: 15.990,- / 10 persons / 20 minutes drive
Special price 9,590,- in our e-shop!

(suitable from 10 to 100 years of age)


Klára Černá
+ 420 739 119 445