Events 150+


TEPfactor - events for up to 1500 people: We are ready and waiting for you!

We know that finding a place that meets every parameter of a large event is not easy. It is not easy to find a space, an activity, catering - everything in one place - so that everything is prepared at the same time and goes smoothly. So we started to create something unique. WE DID IT AND WE ARE READY!

We have been preparing this big event concept for some time so that every aspect of the process is perfect. And the result is fascinating, we are able to easily prepare and take care of an event for up to 1500 people in one place.

Of course, we provide fun activities, accompanying programs, adventures and we guarantee that no one will be bored. Everything takes place in one place, activities, entertainment, relaxation zone, catering and provision of social facilities.


TEPfactor Boyard Outdoor TEPfactor mobile tasks that will be part of your event.

We have prepared TEPfactor mobile tasks for you to try out just like the Boyard team game and try cooperation, communication and fun in a team.

These are 20 tasks that can be done in one can accommodate up to 150 people. And all this with a moderator who will entertain you and prepare the organization of this activity.

Tasks are divided into categories like in Boyard - patience, logic and skill.


Games without borders: we were inspired by a well-known TV competition and thus have a unique competition full of fun for you too.

Are you competitive? Do you like action adventure? So this competition will definitely get you. Team tasks are divided into several categories that will test your abilities and skills. The tasks are completed gradually and each team member must master the given activity.


TEPfactor Speed Boat: is a completely unique experience in a speed boat here in Slapy.

If you are an enthusiast of water activities and you like speed and adrenaline, then this experience will get you. The capacity of the ship is 10 people, and during the day up to 200 people can take turns on it. The activity can be prepared for your event as a supplement to the program all year round (except for the months of July and August).


Rides on motor boats: a relaxing ride in our motor boats. No license is required to rent and drive motor boats.

The capacity of the boat is max. 4 people. Before setting sail, you will receive basic information on how to operate the boat, but don't worry, there is nothing difficult about it.


Steamboat ride: a relaxing ride and contemplation on a steamboat.

A great addition to the program, easy for all age groups and a unique backup option even in case of bad weather. The capacity of the steamer is up to 80 people.


TEPfactor water activities: relax and enjoy relaxing moments on pedals or paddleboards.

You can use these water activities at any time during the day or during your event, to rest and relax. We offer 10 pedal boats and paddleboards for up to two people.


TEPfactor podium: we will provide and prepare a stage with sound system.

Is it good to have recorded music to listen to and create a pleasant atmosphere or a podium for the moderator of the event? Not a problem. We will sound and connect the technology and equipment for you.


TEPfactor Catering: we will prepare catering according to your wishes.

We provide catering during the whole day of your corporate event. We grill chicken and pork, sausages, ermines, we provide cold refreshments and salads. We will also arrange vegetarian dishes, plated dishes, coffee breaks, non-alcoholic/alcoholic drinks or sweet and salty snacks. Catering is served in the form of a buffet.


TEPfactor Transport: we work exclusively with the company Umbrella Coaches & Buses, which takes care of all comfort during your transport.

Catering and coffee breaks on board are provided for you, the possibility of playing your own DVD / USB, free WI-FI connection and toilets on board.

Contact and reservation:
Michal Rejka
+420 731 240 624