TEPfactor Grill Boat

Party with barbecue on the water surface in Slapy.

Spend an unconventional evening on a floating open boat with grilled delicacies and mixed drinks. In the company of an experienced sailor who is guaranteed to entertain you, you will enjoy a gastronomic experience that other restaurants do not offer. An unconventional evening will charge you with positive energy.

Have you ever eaten in a life jacket? Right, no !? TEPfactor Grill Boat is ready for a great evening party on the water, but an unconventional lunch in beautiful weather. Chilled drinks, mixed drinks and selected grilled specialties are available on board. Romantics will certainly appreciate the reflecting sunset on the water. The practitioner, on the other hand, welcomes ingeniously designed floating toilets.

How is the event going?

From the marina in Nová Živohošť you will sail on specially adapted catamarans (for 8 people) and after a short cruise you will arrive at the Grill Boat, where a sailor will be waiting for you, and will take care of pleasant entertainment throughout the evening. The program lasts 2-3 hours. In case of cold weather, we will lend you blankets free of charge.

What menu can you look forward to?

  • Nautical toast
  • Grilled camembert with cranberry sauce
  • Grilled chicken steak or pork neck steak
  • Sweet dessert on the grill
  • German potato salad

You can have all this, including the accompanying program, for CZK 333 per person.
(separate grilling is not possible, for the planned grilling it is necessary to rent our catamarans - the basic price of one catamaran is CZK 9,900 / 2h)

Advance reservations are required. The total capacity of the event is up to 60 people.

On board you can choose drinks from our wide selection. Drinks are not included in the price - you pay on the spot.

The event can also be organized as team building in any date and time from April to the end of September.

We know from our experience that the weather tends to be better than its forecast. However, as we want you to enjoy the event with us - in case of really bad weather we do not sail and we guarantee a refund.

Are you still hesitant? Take a look at the photos from the water events!