Coding game on the water

TEPfactor šifrovačka.

Follow the footsteps of a lost treasure in the beautiful scenery of Slapy. Your goal will be to open the treasure chest. In motor boats you will sail on the surface of Lake Slapy, solve codes and look for clues. If you have the heart of an adventurer, during the voyage you will see places that are inaccessible from the land. The steep cliffs and deep water below you will give the cruise a touch of the adventure that James Cook experienced during his discovery voyages. If you want as well during your trip enjoy swimming and sunbathing - this is not a problem - you can extend the ride by agreement The price of the rental over the time frame is calculated according to the current price list for every 1/4 hour.

How is the event going?

The game lasts 1.5 hours. On your treasure hunt you can go on the basis of a pre-arranged reservation. We will lend you a motorboat for up to 4 people, which you can drive without a driver's license. The cruise starts at TEPfactor Marina in Slapy - Nová Živohošť.

You can buy the voucher on our e-shop for CZK 3,490 / 1.5 hours / boat. (up to 4 people)

In case of bad weather we will lend you blankets and raincoats free of charge.

The event can be ordered from April to the end of September.


Klára Černá
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