Big coding game on the water

Follow in the footsteps of adventurers on Lake Slapy.

On a specially built TEPcat catamaran with the help of a motor - you will navigate the mysterious places and bays of Lake Slapy and, according to indications on the map, look for hidden targets that will move you a little closer to your destination. But beware - hidden targets are not enough to find - you have to do more. Using a water cannon on TEPcat, you must fill each remote target with water to reveal another clue that will show you the direction of the next point on the blind map.

However, each clue is not just a fragment of the path, it is also a task that your team on board will complete. E.g. measure the speed of sailing in knots and other sea skills that every adventurer should know. You will have 10 locked suitcases on board. There is a piece of map and a task in each suitcase. After opening all the coded suitcases and completing all the tasks, a treasure awaits you, for which you need 2 keys. You have to get both during your voyage.

Accompanied by adults, it is possible to play from the age of 10.

How is the event going?

  • You will start your cruise from TEPfactor Marina in Nová Živohošť.
  • You can make the trip more pleasant by ordering a barbecue directly on the water. (must be ordered in advance).
  • The capacity of the vessel is up to 8 people.
  • The total capacity of all our vessels is 40 people.
  • The length of the game is about 3 hours.
  • The price for renting 1 vessel for 3 hours is CZK 12,000.

Blankets or raincoats are included in the price.

The event can also be ordered as a teambuilding / corporate event all year round.


Klára Černá
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